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We are a centre of learning that integrates faith and quality education, while focusing on the needs of the children in a complex and changing world. 

At Good Shepherd, we encourage all children to accept responsibility for their learning and behaviour, and to become confident, independent, creative thinkers who will contribute to a just society.

Students experience a quality education that takes place in a collaborative community of reflective and cooperative learners.

We invite you to learn more about what a Good Shepherd Primary education has to offer your child.


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Our Facilities


Our new learning spaces are state of the art.

The buildings, the furniture and the available technology are all designed to support flexible, contemporary learning. All learning spaces are equipped with portable devices and large television screens. Student tables are designed to be written on, facilitating communication and collaboration through group work.

Good Shepherd Primary Plumpton Learning Spaces


In Stage Three spaces we have 18 screens across each grade, giving students the opportunity to mirror their device and work collaboratively in their group.


There are two Genius Pods, where students can work together in small and larger groups. Chairs and tables are of varying heights and design.


Breakout rooms allow for smaller, identified groups to gather.


Our buildings are contemporary and offer students the opportunity to unlock their potential and be the best version of themselves.

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Our spacious library allows students to share their love of reading with others or spend some quiet time with a favourite book.

Good Shepherd Primary Plumpton School Library

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Our playgrounds continue the learning!

Good Shepherd Primary Plumpton Outdoor Areas

We have a beautiful Musical Playground, where students have the opportunity to express themselves through creating music.

Our newly artificially turfed ovals mean there is lots of room for students to run around or sit down and talk to their friends.

There are markings and goals for two soccer fields, as well as 100 and 50 metre race tracks! In our other playgrounds, there is lots of room for students to play basketball and other games.

Our Climbing Wall has a timer attached, so students can work on their personal best times. Additionally, there are two large screens that are perfect for guiding lunchtime dancing.

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Good Shepherd Primary is the perfect place to learn

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