Principal's Message

Our mission at Good Shepherd Primary School is to be a contemporary centre of learning which integrates gospel values and quality education, whilst focusing on the needs of our students in a changing and complex world.

In keeping with our motto, 'Peace and Joy', we share our faith and work together to develop in each community member a love of learning. We follow the model of Jesus, the Good Shepherd, who inspires us to hope in the future and to set high expectations for our students. We encourage all children to accept responsibility for their learning and behaviour, and to become confident, independent, creative thinkers who will contribute to a just society.

Our parents are positive partners in the education of the students at Good Shepherd Primary School, as is noted in the words of one parent:

'From the moment my family and I walked into Good Shepherd Primary School we were welcomed with open hearts and minds.

The dedicated staff go above and beyond what is expected of them to meet the academic, spiritual, personal and emotional needs of the children, providing them with a fantastic well-rounded education, and a place where they feel valued. Being part of the Good Shepherd Primary School family has been a huge blessing to my family.

My children and I have made new friendships, which I am sure will last for many years. And we are all learning new things every day, with Christ and His teachings always at the centre of everything we do here at Good Shepherd Primary School.'

The children in our school contribute to making it a great place to learn. We have buddy programs to help Kindergarten and Year 1 children with their work and play. The children really like the activities we do, and so do the Years 5 and 6 children who are their buddies. In the words of a student:

'Good Shepherd Primary School is a wonderful and safe place to learn.

The teachers are dedicated and the staff is hardworking. They give up lots of their time to work with the students. The students are cooperative, conscientious and value their education.

The students follow the school rules and they always wear their uniform with pride'.

Good Shepherd Primary School is a clean and tidy environment. The children play, learn and interact with one another. There is a wide range of events offered at the school, such as swimming carnivals, choir performances, sports carnivals, public speaking and debating. The school library has a variety of books and resources to help the teachers and students.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about what a Good Shepherd Primary education has to offer your child.


Anita Knezevic